We want to meet you:

The kind & quirky creatives.
The couples who are truly best friends.
The people want their lives to be adventurous and intentional.
The ones who want to make genuine connections with their wedding vendors, instead of just transactions.
The brides & grooms who want their wedding to feel truly like “them” in every way.

Our Loves
  • Our Loves

  • The feeling of snuggling up in a comfy chair and blanket with a great book and a cup of coffee, with a record playing softly in the background.

    The way the leaves of trees and wild grasses dance in the wind. Breathless laughter captured in an image.

    The crisp mountain air and the feelings of awe that rush over you experiencing the incredible power of nature.

    Handwritten vows, read tearfully, that express the unique and powerful love that each couple has.

    When you get to experience something new with your best friend in the entire world.

    When a groom’s face lights up when he sees his bride for the first time.

    The feeling of accomplishment after creating something new with your hands, whether it's a new piece of furniture built in our tiny apartment or a new weaving.

    Morning coffee dates spent dreaming togetherabout goals, travels, and new projects.

    The late night sounds of guitar melodies from Talon playing guitar while Kelsey falls asleep next to him.

Our Story
  • Our Story

  • We met in a local coffee shop. Kelsey in a blue plaid flannel, sipping on a latte; Talon in a well worn band tee, offering a sheepish smile. When our eyes met, we were convinced it was love at first sight. As the coffee shop closed, Kelsey asked Talon out to a bookstore, marking our first official date. We have been together every day since.

    And on a cloudy fall day, we exchanged our handwritten vows under a giant oak tree surrounded by our family and closest friends. We spent the evening dancing under the stars, eating homemade pies and burgers, and recounting old family stories and memories well into the night. It was one of the best days of our lives so far.

Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy

  • We approach everything we do for our clients with the intention of it being relaxing, fun and genuine. We believe in getting to know each and every one of our couples on a deeper level, because we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be your natural selves behind the camera. We want it to feel like you have a couple of old friends experiencing the day with you rather than just two “cameras for hire”. Because of that, we meet with each and every client before we even talk about contracts to make sure the connection is there; we firmly believe there is a perfect photographer for everyone, and it's the one thing about your wedding day you'll want to get right.

    We want to capture every little moment for our couples: the way your grandparents still hold hands after 50 years of marriage, the way the bride takes a deep breath when she sees herself in her wedding dress for the first time, the way the groom’s hands shake from nerves while he's waiting for his bride at the first look, the incredible feeling of walking down the aisle towards your groom with every person you love staring back at you smiling and crying with you, the way your father wells up with tears when the father/daughter dance begins, the way the groom grabs the small of his wife’s back and they exchange euphoric glances, the happy tears that come with the bride and groom having their last dance.