Sarah & Matty | Austin Engagements

Sarah & Matty

We are over the moon that these two chose us as their wedding photographers. They are quirky, funny and getting married at Deception Pass NEXT WEEK! Sarah is also a wedding photographer, which makes them choosing us as their wedding photographers even more flattering and awesome. They met at a coffee shop they both worked at, so they wanted to start the session off at a coffee shop since that’s one of their favorite things to do together. So we met up at Thunderbird Coffee and got to know each other a little bit over coffee, talked about the wedding (which is just going to kick ass), and the proposal then headed over to a Nature Preserve. I’m completely 1000% obsessed with their outfit choices, they could not be more perfect for them! Sarah is quiet and sweet and has the most contagious smile, and Matty is goofy and talkative and hilarious. I just adore how you can SEE love in their eyes when they look at each other, gets me every time.

We will be in Seattle next week from August 5th to August 12th and have one session slot open for the taking! Shoot us an email if you’re interested in booking that at a discounted rate and comment below if you have any recommendations for us for restaurants, shopping, coffee shops, things to do and see!

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Lyndie & Eric | Austin Garden Engagements

Lyndie & Eric

These two drove all the way to Austin from Dallas for their engagement session with us; we walked through a beautiful garden, dipped our toes in a refreshing creek and ended the night at Mount Bonnell (which would make for the perfect date night). Lyndie and Eric are also huge foodies so they gave us a huge amount of food recommendations here in Austin (I guess you really can’t go wrong here though, can you?). I just love how easily they laugh with each other. We can’t wait for their North Texas wedding this September!

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Christie & Bryce | Elegant Arboretum Wedding

The Richardsons

Christie & Bryce got married at the Dallas Arboretum and it was a beautifully elegant and timeless affair, I am completely smitten with the way that the filmy black and whites looked with all of their details. I still can’t get over how glamorous the two of them looked together, Christie was such a radiant and stylish bride! I was completely dying over all of her accessories. And her and her bridesmaids? SO stunning! They were all flawlessly coordinated and so stylish, it definitely made this photographer a happy lady! They also had one of the most raging dance parties I have ever seen, Christie owned that dance floor. Here are some of our favorites from their day. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… outdoor ceremonies are totally our jam.

Those gorgeous florals you see are by Everly Alaine (we also worked with her most recently here)
Christie’s elegant hair and makeup was done by Natalia Issa (we’ve worked with her most recently here)

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Bethany & Ryan | Outdoor Garden Wedding

Bethany & Ryan
Chandlers Gardens | Celina, TX

What started as a gloomy, cloudy day ended with one of the prettiest sunsets we’ve been able to photograph on a wedding day. Weather aside, I’m completely 100% obsessed with Bethany’s dress, I think it’s my favorite I’ve ever photographed (plus it totally makes me question my wedding dress decision every time I look at it), you can see more of it in her bridals here! Bethany and Ryan had a small, tented affair with their closest family and friends; there was a congo line, a cajun band and a crawfish boil (we ate crawfish for the very first time)! Plus, huge shout out to Everly Alaine florals and Wendy Zerrudo makeup for adding such beauty to the day!

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Taylor & Charlie | Industrial Spring Wedding

Taylor & Charlie

Taylor & Charlie are FUN. They are always laughing; and they are avid adventurers (Charlie planned a surprise honeymoon for Taylor, to New Zealand… AND HAWAII), they ride bikes, they hike, they ski/snowboard, they are up for doing it all. At their wedding, not only did they dance and enjoy themselves but they also made time for each and every person that attended the wedding. Every one really felt like one big happy family, and they welcomed us in to that with open arms! And, ya’ll. When Charlie saw Taylor walking down the aisle, the BIGGEST smile spread across his entire face.

You may remember Taylor & Charlie’s engagements here and Taylor’s bridals here!

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Chelsea & Evan | Outdoor Texas Wedding

Chelsea & Evan

Chelsea & Evan actually both live in Puerto Rico and work as Marine Scientists (which is quite possibly one of the coolest things ever), amongst just generally doing awesome and adventurous things every single day. Evan also works as a dive instructor and says he spends every single day in the water and Chelsea not only writes an incredible blog about their life (Sea Field & Tribe) but she also paddle boards, yogas, dives and is just generally fearless, something I could tell about her pretty instantly. They are both so passionate about what they do and each other and it just radiates off them.

The entire week of the wedding, there was pretty damn near 100% chance of severe thunderstorms for the entire day, so they moved the reception indoors due to mud at the private ranch where they got married. But, we were all still a little anxious about whether or not the beautiful outdoor ceremony would still be able to happen. Well, the stars aligned and it was the most beautiful, sunny afternoon… up until the minute the wedding ended where their came a HUGE lighting storm with torrential rains and tornadoes. But, hey, without all that rain – the grass wouldn’t have been so vibrantly and captivatingly green.

Fun note, the photo immediately below this one was named one of Top 10 Wedding Instagrams the week that I posted it on our Instagram account! AH!

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Liberty & Stephen | foggy San Francisco engagements

Liberty & Stephen

Okay, San Francisco. We get it. You’re foggy and windy and beautiful, you can stop showing off now.

Liberty & Stephen are both in medical school, in San Fran and Philly respectively. The day before we took their engagements, Liberty graduated from Stanford (yeah, um what? Kudos!) and got a residency in Philly a few weeks prior to and will be moving mid-June. So, our trip over to the coast was so serendipitous, because it got to be a small “goodbye” to the city that Liberty holds so dear and that has housed many fond memories of her and Stephen’s relationship blossoming. Also, we woke up to a very typical fog (#karlthefog anyone?) and it was DREAMY. Gosh dang I love the West Coast.

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Leigh | Southern bridals


Now that Leigh is MRS. BEASLEY, we can finally share her bridals – oh, happy day!! Leigh truly has a heart of gold, she is the person that walks in to a room and you just want to be her best friend. Like immediately. She has such a gift for making people feel comfortable and she is always first to ask how you are, what you’ve been up to and specific questions about your life. After she received her bridals, she emailed me that they made her tear up because it was the first time she had felt like a bride. I don’t even have the words to express how happy that makes me, how lucky I am that I got to make this GORGEOUS girl feel like a bride for the first time in this magical season of her life.

Huge shoutouts to The Beauty & The Blush on hair/makeup and The Southern Table on florals!

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Bethany | Spring bridals


Bethany & Ryan had a beautiful outdoor wedding a couple of weekends ago (where the sun actually shined) and now that she is married, we can share her beautiful rose garden bridal session! I have never seen blooms this big in my life, not to mention actually been there with a stunning bride to photograph in them so this was a dream come true! Bethany’s dress is literally one of my favorite I’ve ever photographed, SO stunning and unique!

Florals: Everly Alaine Florals
Hair/Makeup: Wendy Zerudo

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Nora & Jon | Engagements

Nora & Jon

Nora & Jon have been together for 8 years and they are getting married this Sunday at Fair Market! We couldn’t be more thrilled to know these two. I absolutely love this engagement session, we started at their house and followed their nightly summer routine (drinks and books on the patio, making dinner together) and then headed to their neighborhood park a few blocks away and enjoyed the late spring late and each other’s company.

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While We Were Away: Portland, OR

This was our third trip to Portland, and by far our favorite yet. We had four shoots while we were in town for five days and got to see some incredible locations. We hiked SO much, like at least 7-8 miles per day, and it was heaven. We saw so many beautiful flowers, hiked to a secret waterfalls, hiked in the Portland woods, visited the exceptionally beautiful Oregon coast for the second time, ate biscuits as much as we possibly could, saw live music, walked on fallen trees that acted as bridges over rushing creeks, saw so many waterfalls, and met some really wonderful kindred spirits (and met up with one of our past bride & grooms that just moved to Portland)! It was such a fulfilling and relaxing week. I always feel so creatively renewed when I’m in Oregon. I do wish we had taken more photos on our trip, but we’ll be back so soon!

You can see more of our travel photography here or here!

We will be back in Portland and Seattle this August & September for weddings, so if you’re interested in a session with us while we’re in town, shoot us an email! 

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Pamela & Greg | Southern Wedding

Pamela & Greg

What a most perfect Spring day this was. Pam and Greg had a perfect mix of Southern hospitality and classic elegance at their wedding, and it truly could not have been more them. They got married at the Milestone outside of Denton, had the most stunning bright florals done by The Southern Table and Pam had her hair and makeup done by our great friend Natalia Issa.

See their super fun engagements here (think Kate Spade, croquet, and the cutest Pug alive) , and Pam’s classic outdoor bridals here.

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