Liana | Personal Project

In case you missed this post, I have been working on shooting editorially this year as a way to explore some new creative outlets!
One of my long-term goals has always been to mix shooting commercially (look-books, advertisements, editorials) with shooting weddings. In my head, the two worlds mix so seamlessly! This was one of those days/weeks where nothing was really going right. Our original model had to cancel the night before the shoot and Liana gracefully stepped in, while I was on my way to dinner, which caused a 5-minute stop at Urban Outfitter where I quickly ransacked the store grabbing anything that caught my eye. My original hair and makeup artist canceled three days before the shoot causing me to email Meagan (I’m sure she sensed the desperation in my email and responded so fast it was like magic) and ask if she could step in two days before shoot. It was madness for a couple of days but I feel like these images are so calm and serene and it feels like everything fell in to place for a reason, I got to meet and work with two new AMAZING women!

Model: Liana x Dragonfly Agency
Hair/Makeup: Meagan D’Von

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Ashley & Jim | Austin Engagements

Ashley & Jim

Guys, this was officially our first shoot in Austin as Austin residents! Woohoo!

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Sarah & Mike | Arizona Weddings

Sarah & Mike

We flew out to Tucson, AZ for Sarah & Mike’s wedding at Hacienda Del Sol. The weather was beyond perfect and these guys are just the kindest souls around. We love that their perfectness for each other emanates from them, and there were so many great moments from their day. One of my favorites moments being when it was too dark in the bridal suite, I asked if Sarah wouldn’t mind getting dressed out on the patio (surrounded by all of those gorgeous cacti and aloe vera textures and colors that I’m obsessed with) and she immediately said yes. The next when we asked Sarah & Michael if they wouldn’t mind driving to a location where we could see the mountains and they immediately said yes. These guys trusted us completely with the task of photographing their day and every time we passed Michael at the reception, he stopped to tell us how grateful he was that we were there and how we had made the day even more perfect. Guys, we made some new friends out of this wedding and that is our favorite part about Feather & Twine!

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Weekend Getaway | Colorado

For Valentine’s Day, Talon surprised me with a weekend trip to Basault, CO, even though his birthday was two days later – so really it was me that should’ve been surprising him with a flawless weekend plan filled with lots of hiking and site-seeing and board game playing. Um, ding-ding-ding someone wins best fiancé ever award!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the trip, it was absolutely breathtaking. I have a thing about breaking rules (I just really don’t like to do it!) and Talon convinced me to pull over and run on top of this beautiful, golden hill (that I had been nerd-ily exclaiming “that light! Oh my god, that light!!” to) so we could get some snaps of ourselves with our new wireless remote. Those ended up being some of my favorite from the whole trip, I just love that guy. On our way home, we actually got stuck in the major ice/snowstorm that blew in through Colorado so we got stuck in Colorado for an extra night! No complaints here. We had our audiobook on full blast while we were driving through the snowy mountains – it was dreamy… and terrifying (let’s be honest here).

Pictured on Talon below, our camera bag is from ONA

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Sam & Stephen | Wedding

Sam & Stephen

These two are SO full of life and joy! On one of the most gorgeous saturdays in February, Sam & Stephen wed in the church they grew up in, held their reception in a recording studio with exposed brick walls and positively glowed anytime they looked at one another. In every single toast their friends gave, they mentioned how well Sam & Stephen loved each other and we really adore that. They’re one of those couples that inspires you to love more.

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Caley & Grant | Personal Project

I feel like as a photographer, it’s good to keep challenging yourself in different aspects of photography. I have always loved shooting editorially and did it quite frequently before the days of Feather & Twine but as our wedding business has grown, I have gotten out of practice. One of my 2015 goals is to do more shooting that is just for the sake of creating art. This was my first personal shoot this year and my first shoot that I styled in addition to photographing!

Hair/Makeup: Natalia Issa
Models: Caley & Grant | Dragonfly Agency
Clothing: Urban Outfitters

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Hair/Makeup: Natalia Issa
Florls: The Southern Table

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Tori & Jean | Outdoor day-after session

Tori & Jean

Since Tori & Jean’s wedding was after dark, Tori knew that she wanted a day after session so the four of us could get together and take advantage of some beautiful natural light! These are a few of our favorite shots.

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Tori & Jean | Nighttime Winter Wedding

Tori & Jean

Tori & Jean have such a natural chemistry, whenever they are together they are always laughing and full of joy which, naturally, made photographing them incredibly easy! Plus, wasn’t Jean’s reaction to Tori coming down the aisle just the sweetest thing ever? We’ll be sharing a few frames from their day after session on Monday!

Planning: Rachel Events

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Sarah & Shamus | Winter New Orleans Wedding

Sarah & Shamus

There are so many wonderful things to say about Sarah & Shamus and their wedding that I’m not even sure quite where to start! This was one of our absolute most favorite weddings to photograph. We started the day in the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel, which was decked out in the most beautiful Christmas decorations (you’ll see at the end of the post) and it was mesmerizing. After getting Sarah dressed, we headed over to City Park where Sarah had rented the Peristyle for all of our photos (bride/groom, wedding party AND family) to be taken in at sunset. We were on cloud 9. As of lately, it’s been rare for us to have a Bride who puts such a priority on setting aside time for photos that she rented a separate space knowing that the Church wouldn’t allow us inside for any pre-ceremony photos and that there would be no light left after the ceremony. These are the couples we love to photograph, it’s hard to make magic with no light and no time but, just looking at these photos – we made magic. If this doesn’t convince you to set aside time for portraits, I really don’t know what will (especially for winter weddings)! After the glorious golden hour photos, they wed in one of the oldest churches in New Orleans. Sarah really wanted her guests to be able to venture outside of the French Quarter, so she chose an intricately detailed church in the center of NOLA. Next, we headed to the Board of Trade for a mesmerizing candle-lit cocktail hour outside in the courtyard (y’all, amazing) then a candle-lit reception where everyone danced for hours. But, my favorite part of the whole day, was when a jazz band came in to the Board of Trade and led the entire reception (EVERYONE) outside for a second line… down CANAL ST. They literally shut down Canal St for the wedding to run through singing loudly and dancing joyously. The energy was contagious. I can’t even describe how invigorating it was to photograph, there really are no words. It was one of the most amazing things we’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. NOLA, you’re pretty awesome in my opinion.

Bride’s Dress: Watters

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