Chelsea & Evan
Outdoor Texas ranch Wedding

Chelsea & Evan actually both live in Puerto Rico and work as Marine Scientists (which is quite possibly one of the coolest things ever), amongst just generally doing awesome and adventurous things every single day. Evan also works as a dive instructor and says he spends every single day in the water and Chelsea not only writes an incredible blog about their life (Sea Field & Tribe) but she also paddle boards, yogas, dives and is just generally fearless, something I could tell about her pretty instantly. They are both so passionate about what they do and each other and it just radiates off them.

The entire week of the wedding, there was pretty damn near 100% chance of severe thunderstorms for the entire day, so they moved the reception indoors due to mud at the private ranch where they got married. But, we were all still a little anxious about whether or not the beautiful outdoor ceremony would still be able to happen. Well, the stars aligned and it was the most beautiful, sunny afternoon… up until the minute the wedding ended where their came a HUGE lighting storm with torrential rains and tornadoes. But, hey, without all that rain – the grass wouldn’t have been so vibrantly and captivatingly green.

Fun note, the photo immediately below this one was named one of Top 10 Wedding Instagrams the week that I posted it on our Instagram account! AH!

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These are the most beautiful pictures of the most wonderful moments of the entire day and evening. Thank you so much for capturing so many beautiful candid shots. Just love, love, love them !

Linda, that makes us so happy! You guys are wonderful people and we feel blessed to know you!

Almost in tears they are so beautiful! I pray for this love to last forever! Love you niece!

Oh. my. goodness. Fell in love with Evan all over again. You guys truly capture the moments, I am beyond grateful for you both!! Thank you so much for giving me the beauty and joy from that day, which we both will cherish forever. Excellent work, you both are so talented – God has given you a special gift!! And He blessed us with you too!