5 Holiday Date Night Ideas

      1 | Stroll through the Holiday Lights

      The holiday season is the time of cheer – and what’s more cheery thana holiday date night to see Christmas Lights! Every year, the Trail of Lights comes to Austin – think local food trucks, cocoa, quirky nostalgic Christmas decorations. It’s one of our favorite Austin traditions to kick off the holiday season, we’ve done it every year since moving here almost 5 years ago! If you don’t have a big Light Festival like that in your town, try packing some peppermint hot cocoa & cookies and driving through the neighborhoods looking at the lights – you’re sure to find some gems!

      2 | Games, Duh!

      November & December can be so hectic, with all the parties, to-do list items, gifts to buy, family to see. So, even if you only have an hour or two to spend together, instead of watching TV, maybe go to a coffee shop & play a board game together! In college, Talon and I would go to our favorite coffee shop and order hot cocoa and play Scrabble once a week (I know, we’ve always been this way. One of our favorite traditions and such a great way to have some relaxing quality time! Plus, getting out of the house allows you to really connect in a different way – beyond the routines of house cleaning & TV watching that we all do!

      You can see our favorite Austin coffee shops here (and a lot of them serve drinks, too, if that’s more your thing!) & our favorite board games here*.

      3 | Why not pretend you’re in Paris?

      Get transported to Paris in the 20s at Justine’s Brasserie. Cozy, romantic, quirky – the trifecta for the perfect date night out. Not to mention, the food is INCREDIBLE. Dress up and treat your selves to a night out at a spot that feels truly underground. If you’re not in Austin, try each picking a restaurant as a surprise to the other person – you get to try two new places and still have the mystery of going somewhere that feels secret and new for your romantic holiday date night!

      4 | Get Cozy under the Stars

      In the winter months especially, a lot of local Observatories or State Parks will have star nights! You can go out for free and look out of the telescopes and listen to people talk & inform about the universe above! In the Austin area, there’s Pedernales Falls & Reimers Ranch that both put on events like this – we really want to try to get out there this year! Bring a cozy wool blanket and a thermos of hot cocoa and snuggle up under the stars. Another spot on our bucket list is the McDonald Observatory near Marfa – if you made it out there, you can then hop on over to El Cosmico and enjoy a cozy night camping by the fire.

      5 | Try something new

      Taking a class together is one of my favorite ways to spend quality time with someone (if you haven’t figured it out yet, Quality Time is TOTALLY my love language – speaking of which if you haven’t read that book together yet, you should!). My favorite class to take is a ceramics course! I took one from Austin Pottery last year with my mom and loved it, and Talon’s been wanting to take a cooking class together!

      BUT, my ultimate favorite holiday date night is to put my old Christmas vinyls on, pull out all the Christmas decor, sip on homemade hot cocoa or apple cider, munch on homemade popcorn and decorate our little home for Christmas. I love spending our time wrapping presents together (me picking out the motif and adding the final details, while Talon meticulously wraps each gift to perfection), and taking the time to pick out something special for every person on our list. So, whatever it is that you may love to do, we hope that you take some time out together with intention. Focusing on each other’s love languages and how they receive love, and maybe finding some new traditions along the way you’ll revisit from year-to-year.

      happy holidays, friends.
      Kelsey & Talon

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