We are Kelsey & Talon. Nerdy adventurers & best friends in love trying to experience all that life has to offer, hand-in-hand. 

We met in a local coffee shop in 2010. Kelsey in a blue plaid flannel, sipping on a latte; Talon in a well worn band tee, offering a sheepish smile. When our eyes met, we were convinced it was love at first sight. As the coffee shop closed, Kelsey asked Talon out to a bookstore, marking our first official date. We have been together every day since. On a cloudy fall day, we exchanged our handwritten vows under an oak tree surrounded by our closest family and friends. We spent the evening dancing under the stars, eating homemade pies and burgers, and recounting stories and memories well into the night. It was one of the best days of our lives so far, and we’re excited for all the best days to come.

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INFP. Enneagram type 4w3. Pisces.

A dreamer. A feeler. A romantic. An idealist.

You can pretty much always find me with a book and a journal in my bag and cold brew in my hand. I have about 50 house plants and counting. My favorite place to be is with my nose in a good book snuggled next to Talon on the couch while rain patters against the window, or walking through a garden. Deep conversations fill my soul. I believe in good energy and that there’s magic all around us – in the collective joy we feel on wedding days, in the goodness of humanity, in the way an author can weave words that can bond strangers, the beauty of windswept hair and breathless laughter, and in the serenity of the mountains.

I’m drawn to photographing people and the connections they have, the way they interact, the intangible feelings, and creating meaningful experiences for the people I photograph. I love shooting things that are a little wild, a little messy, and feel like they might’ve just been a dream.


INTP. Enneagram type 9w1. Aquarius.

A thinker. A listener. A mind amongst the stars.

There are few things more fun to me than playing a new board game, the nerdier the better. I love all things science-fiction, and definitely think about time travel more than the average person. I feel most at home in the mountains, with Kels by my side. I believe that every new day is awesome and completely worthy of being the greatest day ever, and that no wedding day will ever be the “perfect” day but an imperfect representation of how damn awesome life is.

I’m drawn to photographing architectural lines and environmental shapes, and how people interact with and within those. I’m quiet and more reserved, so observing and capturing the moments happening around me comes naturally.



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