About us

We want to meet you. The kind & quirky creatives. The couples who are truly best friends. The people who want their lives to be adventurous and intentional. The ones who want to make genuine connections with their wedding vendors, instead of just transactions. The brides & grooms who want their wedding to feel truly like “them” in every way.


We are Kelsey & Talon. An adventure-loving husband and wife photography team, out living their dreams & traveling the globe photographing life & kindred spirits in love.

We met in a local coffee shop. Kelsey in a blue plaid flannel, sipping on a latte; Talon in a well worn band tee, offering a sheepish smile. When our eyes met, we were convinced it was love at first sight. As the coffee shop closed, Kelsey asked Talon out to a bookstore, marking our first official date. We have been together every day since. On a cloudy fall day, we exchanged our handwritten vows under a giant oak tree surrounded by our family and closest friends. We spent the evening dancing under the stars, eating homemade pies and burgers, and recounting old family stories and memories well into the night. It was one of the best days of our lives, so far.


We approach everything we do for our clients with the intention of it being relaxing, fun and genuine. We believe in getting to know each and every one of our couples on a deeper level, because we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be your natural selves behind the camera. We want it to feel like you have a couple of old friends experiencing the day with you rather than just two “cameras for hire”. We firmly believe there is a perfect photographer for everyone, and it’s the one thing about your wedding day you’ll want to get right.

We want to capture every little moment for our couples: the way your grandparents still hold hands after 50 years of marriage, the way the bride takes a deep breath when she sees herself in her wedding dress for the first time, the smile that spreads across the bride’s face when she sees her groom for the time, the way the groom closes his eyes and hugs the small of his future wife’s back, soaking in every fleeting second, at their first look, the way your father wells up with tears when the father/daughter dance begins, the laughs on your family & friend’s faces when your quiet cousin breaks out some unexpected dance moves, and the happy tears that come with the bride and groom having their last dance. 


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Can we meet with you before we decide to book?

Please do! We actually insist that we meet for coffee (or over google hangout, if we are in different cities) before any contracts are signed, because we believe so thoroughly in connection as opposed to just being a "camera for hire". During the wedding day, your photographers are who you spend the most time with, so it's very important for you to trust and feel comfortable with whom you choose! Plus, the more trust, companionship and vulnerability on the day of, the more we are able to capture your true selves!

Do you include an engagement session in your wedding package?

We are huge fans of engagement sessions over here, so YES! We include an additional session in our packages (which we highly recommend using for engagements) because love getting to know our people while taking their engagements! We like to think of it as an awesome double date, that we just happen to be following you around with cameras.

You shoot both film and digital?

YES! We love being hybrid photographers! We love the mix that shooting both digital and (old school) film brings to our artistic process. With digital, we are able to photograph in any situation no matter what, and we are able to shoot a ton of images very quickly which allows us to get those photojournalistic, in-between moments we love so much. Film really makes us to slow down and intentionally craft a composition. Sometimes, the busyness of a wedding day can leave you spiraling, but it really reminds us to find the calm, deep breaths amidst the fast-moving pace which, in turn, helps us to remember to remind our clients to pause and soak in every happy moment.

What's the difference between film & digital?

Well beyond the mechanics of loading actual film vs. loading a memory card, film gives an ethereal, nostalgic feel (which seems effortless, when it reality it isn't). The grain and the way it captures light is hard to genuinely mimic in digital. Like we mentioned above, we shoot film mostly because we love the process behind it and the nostalgic feel of the images.

What do you shoot with?

We shoot with two Canon 5D Mark IVs & one Canon 5d Mark III. We also use two Mamiya 645s for our medium format film images, both with an 80mm 2.8 lens. We also each use a Canon 35mm 1.4 and Canon 50mm 1.2 most frequently. Here are some other lenses in our bags: Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 70-200mm, Canon 100mm, 2 x Canon 24mm.

What are your thoughts on first looks?

We LOVE them, and definitely prefer shooting first looks on wedding days! The majority of our brides and grooms opt for a first look, and we've never known anyone to regret it! Not only will it calm your nerves before the ceremony so you can fully present for those moments, but it will also give you both the freedom to express your emotions without the threat of stage fright! In addition to that, it allows for a more relaxing flow to your wedding timeline by giving us plenty of time to grab all of the photos you want, without you feeling like you're ignoring your guests!

How long have you been photographing weddings?

We started Feather & Twine in January of 2012, and both went full time less than a year later. Since, we have photographed just under 200 weddings as a team. We always shoot together, without exception, that's what works best for us.

Do you give your clients all the edited, high resolution files?

We sure do! After your wedding is edited, we upload your beautiful images to an online gallery that's available for download & viewing for two years. We keep the images on our hard drives for up to 5 years, and can re-upload them to your online gallery anytime after the 2 years in case of data loss. For our sessions, we give you the images in an online gallery that's available for 6 months after the upload date. With both, you're able to share the galleries (and hi-res downloads), with family & friends so they can download as well - at no extra charge! We believe your wedding images are meant to be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.

Do you offer any print materials?

Of course! We have curated a small collection of reasonably priced printed products (all of which we personally use and adore), all of that info is in our investment guide which you gain access to by filling out our contact form!

How long does it take you to edit a wedding collection?

Our turnaround time for your collection of wedding images is 6-8 weeks, with a maximum of 10 weeks during our busier wedding season. We are working every season to give our couples their images in a shorter amount of time, but our first priority is sending out a comprehensive and beautiful collection of your wedding day memories!

How many wedding images can we expect?

While we don't have specific photo counts for you, because it's different with every wedding; we do guarantee that (for a full 8-hr coverage day), you'll receive at least 800 edited images in a mix of color and black & white.

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