Caroline & Gabriel | Stormy Colorado engagements

Every year we plan a trip to Colorado in the summer (next year I really want to go in the fall, though!) and, though Caroline & Gabe are getting married in Austin, they live in Denver – so it was the perfect time to photograph their engagements. Whenever possible for our out of state clients, we try to get out to where they live to capture them in their element. Caroline & Gabe just look at home in the mountains. The whole time we were up in the mountains, the wind was blowing like crazy & there were crazy storms all around us. We checked the weather and it was literally lightning and raining everywhere around us, except the little oasis we had found.

Caroline was super nervous leading up to photos but the way Gabriel would lovingly rub her back and give her lots of kisses to try to get her to relax was the cutest thing. When she looked at him, you could see the tension release from her face & shoulders and if that’s not the clearest sign that you’ve found your perfect fit then I don’t know what is.

film scans: Photovision Prints
They actually found us because we photographed Caroline’s brother & sister-in-law a few times, particularly while we were in Iceland!