Dayna & Eric
      Rainy Austin wedding
      Austin, TX

      Dayna & Eric are two of the happiest, warmest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. Pinky promise. These two didn’t let the rain get them down, they went with the flow and trusted us to guide the day that would give them the best photos and it could not have been better. That’s SUCH an important part when hiring a wedding photographer – TRUST. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.

      When we told Dayna that we may have to take all of the wedding party photos inside, she was willing to do whatever we needed to. When we asked Dayna to trust us to rush out and do their first look before the storm hit on the radar, we pushed up her getting ready time and got back inside about 5 minutes before a torrential downpour. But, they had the most adorable first look ever and we were worried that was the only opportunity we’d have for outdoor photos of them, so it was totally worth it!

      But the best part was this: before the outdoor ceremony, the planner was trying to convince them to move the wedding indoors which was really not want Dayna & Eric wanted. Dayna had us call Eric to come join her in the bridal suite and all of us sat down and talked about, and decided to just keep it outdoors and gather as many umbrellas as we could. So us, the planners and the florists all were grabbing umbrellas and taking them outside to the guests. And right as Dayna came out of the house, a freaking rainbow appeared and shown faintly behind them the entire ceremony. Chills.

      I love that they wanted to stick to their vision that they had planned for over a year, but also that they worked to get to that decision together. Then, magically, the rain held off until after dark and we got to get some awesome field shots too!

      Venue: Memory Lane Events 
      Hair/Makeup: Makenzi Laine
      Dress: Unbridaled
      Florals: Wild Bunches floral
      Bridesmaids: Amsale Bridesmaids
      Film processing: PhotoVision Prints