You’ve got the fiancé
You’ve got us.
You’re ready to take engagements… but don’t exactly know where to begin.

We’ve got you covered!

We totally know that anxious feeling you get when you’re picking outfits for photos. You want to look like yourself, but the best version, you don’t want to go too trendy, but also not too boring. So, we’ve compiled this little guide to help you navigate engagement photos with us!

Without further ado,

How to make your engagement photos the best ever (but also totally you).



Step one: We’ll send you our engagement questionnaire & this guide.

Step two: Once we receive your response, we will start scouting & picking out locations to send you a curated list of options to choose from.

Step three: Once we have a location & vision confirmed, we’ll choose a date & a time that fits best with the location.

Step four: We’ll send you a final confirmation of date, time, and any necessary information for the location (where to park, if there’s a fee, where to meet us, contact number, etc.).

Step five: Then, we shoot!

Step six: You’ll receive your engagement gallery 3-4 weeks after our shoot together!


Wear clothes that feel like you.

Simple clothing & earthy, natural color tones
Anything too bright and bold, like neon, could reflect back onto your faces and make your skin tones look unnatural. If you want to wea a pattern, choose a smaller pattern (like florals or lace). The larger the pattern, the more distracting. We recommend avoiding stripes most of the time.  We like to use nature as our inspiration; soft whites to contrast the greens that we’ll be shooting in, blue to bring out the color of your eyes, etc. If you’re going to do a pattern, we think it looks great with your lover in a solid.

Coordinate, don’t match.
You can wear a similar color palette (all white, all black, etc), but don’t need to both be wearing jeans & a white button up a la awkward family photos.

Avoid anything too trendy.
While we love seeing new trends come and go, we don’t want you to look back on this pivotal time in your life and say, “What was I thinking?!”


Focus on fit & how comfortable you feel in the clothing you choose.

Avoid clothing that doesn’t fit well, is uncomfortable, or too short. The fit of the clothes you choose is so, so important and can really make or break the images. Always try on clothes before our shoot. When you wear something that makes you feel self-conscious, you won’t feel relaxed or comfortable enough to really be yourself. Before being on camera I, Kelsey, will try on my clothing before and have Talon snap a picture on my phone so I know that I feel confident in the way it’s photographing.

Movement makes things much more visually captivating.

Use the location as inspiration.
Consider your location & season/weather when choosing outfits. If we’re going on a hike in West Texas, or in the middle of a field, stilettos may not be the best choice. If we’re going to be shooting somewhere really windy (like sand dunes, or the top of a hill) consider choosing an outfit that will enhance that and flow of the wind to create some really beautiful movement. If we’ll be in water, do you want to wear a long flowing dress that will trail in the water behind you or swimsuits to encapsulate a fun, summer date day? Think of the colors, and how your outfits can compliment the tones. If you need further help, we can happily source some options for you or make specific suggestions based on the location!


We suggest bringing about 3-5 options for outfits. You’ll only wear 2-3 in the photos but Kelsey can help style you together based on the specific locations we’ll be shooting.

Be sure to bring some walking shoes! Most of the time, we will most likely be hiking/walking a bit – it’s always good to have a just in case pair! If we’re going to be near the river, then throw in a towel just in case too. 

Bring some water & makeup for just in case touch-ups. If you’re wearing fake eyelashes, we’d also recommend bringing a backup eyelash glue and mascara/liner just in case it starts to come loose.

We typically don’t love bringing props along (like signs, letters, etc), but there are a couple that we think can add to engagements: a picnic set up (if this is a common date night for you), bikes/motorcycles/cool vintage cars, a floral bouquet (this can be a great time to do a trial run with your wedding florist, or get a bouquet that a little different than what your bridal bouquet would be), your pup (if they are fine in public around other dogs), canoes (if we’re riverside), hats, champagne for a celebratory pop. The most important thing is that we want these images to really encapsulate your life, and make sense for the overall setting. So, if it’s not something that’s an important part of your life, maybe engagements aren’t the best time for it!



If you’re loving the champagne pop images, you’ll want to bring 2-3 bottles of champagne and some champagne glasses. Go for a cute, simply designed bottle of plain (no flavoring!), cheap champagne. We’ll be shaking these bottles up and you don’t want to waste a super expensive bottle of Champs!



SUMMER: Since it’s going to be hot, we’d recommend guys wearing an undershirt or bringing an extra shirt to wear while we are hiking so your photo shirt doesn’t get super sweaty! It’s also helpful to bring a towel along to wipe any sweat. I would also add an extra outfit to your rotation just in case we need to do an earlier outfit change. 

WINTER: If it’s supposed to be cold on your shoot today, bring along a jacket to wear while we walk from location to location


The way we love to work at engagement sessions is with LOTS of movement! We’ll give you directions for what to do, but go ahead and start mentally preparing to just have fun with it! The photos always turn out best if you’re not afraid to move around and flirt and love on one another – after all, we want these photos to be genuinely YOU.

If you’ve got a specific vision in mind, we can happily work on a collaborative concept for your engagements that encapsulates something really important to you or may be more styled than a normal engagement shoot. We always love our shoots to be collaborative, and we’d love to help bring your vision to life. 


See our engagement mood board


Is it supposed to rain during our shoot? Dang!

Rest assured, we never charge for postponements related to weather. You can’t choose the weather on your wedding day, but most of the time you can for engagements!

We will reach out 2-3 days before your shoot if it looks like there’s a chance of rain over 40% for a part of our shoot. If the chance of rain is between 40-60%, it’s up to you if we reschedule or risk getting rained on during the shoot. If it’s over 60%, we usually reschedule because it’s much more likely to actually rain! We can make the call the day before, or wait until 12pm the day of to make the final decision (we will advise you if it’s specifically one of those based on time of year and chance of rain). This also applies if you were dreaming of a sunny day and it’s supposed to be cloudy.

If we do need to postpone, we will send you a link to our calendar where you can choose another day! Unless there’s a season change (like daylight savings) in between the dates, or a need to change from sunset to sunrise (and vice versa), we will likely keep the same time & location. If you decide to keep the date regardless of the rain chance, that’s cool too! We can shoot in the rain if you’re down! Be sure to bring a towel just in case you need it.