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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful — that will be my life.”
– Elsie De Wolfe

We wanted to create a new branch of Feather & Twine that would allow us to work with talented artists while also getting to collaborate and dream with the people we photograph because nothing makes us more inspired.

We approach your branding images in a unique, artistic way that leaves you not only with the perfect bio picture for each platform but also creative images you look at and can think, “wow! I am a badass business owner”!

It is our mission to empower the business owners around us to own their unique magic, discover who their dream clients are, and to feel confident in the way they’re marketing themselves!


I started running a photography business my senior year in high school doing lifestyle & senior pictures, I shot my first wedding when I was 17, and 6 months after starting Feather & Twine to specialize in weddings (at the age of 19) I became a full-time photographer. After one year of running F&T full time, I was running a 6-figure business. Ever since I got swept into the entrepreneur world, I’ve been obsessed.

I’m deeply inspired by people following their dreams, the beauty & wonder of the world around me, and helping people become their best self. I’m obsessed with self-growth/business books and the magic of photographing someone in a way that embodies their spirit in that tiny moment of their life.

I hope we can create a little bit of that magic together.

–  Kelsey



 We believe that every small business owner should have access to having beautiful, bespoke brand imagery that calls to their dream clients and  honors the magic they bring in to this world.

We will photograph on digital & film to bring our signature style of the modern & nostalgic, genuine & artful.


A collaborative mood board so we can truly understand and work together to bring your vision to life

A complimentary consultation where we discuss your vision for our time together and the growth possibilities that could come with these images

A fully edited high-res gallery of images, photographed on digital & film

Each season will consist of a one-hour shoot, for a total of $1620. The Subscription will be paid in $135 increments each month.

The seasons are Dec-Feb, Mar-May, June-Aug, Sept-Nov.


Artists, creatives, business owners and bloggers who want a collaborative creative process that produces a curated collection of images specifically made with their brand & dream clients in mind.

Designers who want a cohesive look for seasonal lookbooks, or lifestyle images that reflect their vision.

Interior designers who are wanting to update their portfolio more frequently.

Florists wanting to stretch the bounds of what they’re creating and showcase their work to their dream clients in an artistic way.

Shop owners who need content monthly to share with their subscribers & followers and who need to keep their website beautifully updated with their newest designs.

A new business owner who wants to start their new business out on the right foot, getting content that can irresistibly attract their dream clients from the very beginning and show their future clients (from the moment of their launch) just how awesome they are.

Artists or creatives hosting workshops, who want a cohesive look to their workshop coverage so they can share across their social platforms.


Combining our coaching call offering with our brand imagery offering, you get the ultimate experience aligning your visual brand identity with the root of your business & goals.

We’ll schedule your two hour consultation call first, get to know the struggles your facing and help you brainstorm concrete areas for growth. Then, we’ll take all that we talked about, build you a visual brand moodboard for our shoot together (the same one we do for our subscription clients!), and brainstorm how we can use your brand images to tell your story, communicate to your dream clients, and give you images for each element of your marketing materials. Then, we’ll help you develop a shoot that will convey what makes you & your brand so special. Our shoot time together will be 2 hours, on both digital & film, so we can get all of the headshots & styled shots that will leave your dream clients beaming.


Our brand imagery shoots will also include a collaborative mood board made with us, so we can truly understand and work together to bring your vision to life! 

ONE TIME SHOOT shot on digital + film
for businesses

Our one-time only shoots are available Monday-Friday.



Feeling stuck or burnt out, or need an outsider’s perspective on how you can grow your business and step into your unique magic? I’d love to hop on a call and answer any and all questions you may have, and leave you with action steps that can move your business in a direction that serves your life best. I schedule my coaching calls on either a new moon or a full moon, to take full advantage of all the planetary momentum & energy. I’d love to help you with new ideas that can help align your business with your ideal lifestyle.

New Moons symbolize re-birth and starting fresh, Full Moons bring a lot of heightened energies and emotions and forward momentum.



Branding Image FAQs

How long is each shoot in the subscription?

Each shoot is one hour long. You have the ability to swap hours between months over the course of your subscription period (for example: for an annual subscription, instead of a one hour shoot every month of the year, you could shoot 3 hrs every season or 2 hours every other month). For an annual subscription, you'll be billed on the 1st of every month.

What is the client responsible for?

The client is responsible for reserving any venues, or for finding models/gowns/props, as well as booking their time with us in each season or month. We are always willing to help and use our connections to secure things you need help with, but it is ultimately the clients' responsibility to secure the details of their shoots!

Tell me how your seasonal subscription works.

Each season (DEC-FEB, MAR-MAY, JUNE-AUG, SEPT-NOV), you'll get a one-hour shoot with us. You may schedule your shoot on any weekday in those time frames. The shoot will be one hour long, so you'll have four hours with us throughout the year. You'll be billed for the first installment when you book, and then on the subsequent first day of each season onwards.

Why do we need a consultation for a subscription?

In your consultation, we will pull inspiration images, chat about how you would describe your brand, listen to how you describe your dream clients, talk about where you would like to be able to use these images in the future, and give you recommendations on locations & vendors. And generally spend a little time dreaming together about the shoot! Without talking through those things, we'll only be photographing our perception of your brand and we want to know the inner workings of your vision so we can really photograph what you've been dreaming of.

How will you bill me?

We will create a contract & an invoice through Honeybook, our client management system. You'll see the payment dates and amounts listed on your contract.
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all pricing subject to change