Hetta & Joel | Griffith Park Engagements

The day before their wedding, full of giddiness and lightness and joy. You’re looking at two people who really love one another well; every time Joel would wrap his arms around Hetta, she’d give a little kiss on the hand, or the cheek. Every moment was filled with laughs and giggles and little kisses.

It was a stormy, rainy weekend in LA and we had just landed earlier that morning. Pre-shoot our stress levels were high, we’d spent the whole afternoon hiking and scouting and coming up with plans A, B, C, D, etc for their outdoor engagements and outdoor wedding the next day (which – spoiler – we ended up just shooting their first look in the rain and it was still absolutely magical). But, once Hetta & Joel got there, we all instantly just started joking around and getting to know each other. Despite all the stress, this ended up being one of my favorite engagement shoots we’ve ever done; it’s just truly effortless with these two. They were so snuggly and happy, about to head off to the rehearsal dinner, and that is just the best energy to photograph. I hope you feel their soon-to-be-married joy from these images!

Film scans: PhotoVision Prints
fun fact, Kelsee of Ivy & Gold who we photographed here sent Hetta to us!

From Hetta: ” The engagements are more beautiful & precious than we could have ever imagined! I’m so thankful that we have them and that our grandchildren will someday have them. You guys are the best! Seriously, these are a lifelong gift and heirloom!”