Julie & RJ
Quirky South Congress engagements

This collection of images makes me so happy. Maybe it’s just because of the normalcy of them, I can see them having done this every Friday night date night for the years of their relationship, sitting on the curb laughing over pizza, grabbing an ice cream cone full of sprinkles. Moments they’ve had together a million times over, though that doesn’t make them any less special or any less miraculous. Maybe it’s the way their joy and love for one another (and life) just radiates off of them. Their goofiness. Their mutual love of wrestling. Of puppies. Of baking & eating baked goods (ha! Julie’s an amazing baker). RJ proposed to Julie at a geeks who drink trivia night which makes them just the coolest in our opinion. Most epic proposal ever. I just love these two. And I’m just so dang happy they get to keep having pizza dates and making each other laugh every damn day for forever.

These two are getting married at One Eleven East next spring and we are PUMPED.
Film scans: PhotoVision Prints