Kelly & Gordon | Bohemian Oregon Farm wedding

Two souls made to be one. Wild fire smoke blowing all around us, causing the sun’s rays to glow and envelop us in a warm hug. As Kelly exited the tent for the aisle, a vivid orange glow draped over us all as the sun dipped out from a cloud and their guests immediately erupt in to applause, Kelly walked down the aisle as everyone had tears in their eyes. The confetti covering everything and everyone as they walked down the aisle, everyone smiling and laughing and cheering. Dancing as the last light hits us, their family and friends surrounding the dance floor, slightly swaying along with them. People sitting on blankets in the grass, stripping off their shoes to feel the freshness with their toes while their kids messily ate cupcakes and the dj switched the vinyl. These are the little moments of Kelly & Gordon’s day. 

Funny story! So we actually met these two when we were up in Oregon doing this styled shoot; our florist Color Theory Collective (who used to be based in Austin, but now works out of Portland!) had found Kelly & Gordon on instagram from their proposal pictures on the same beach, reached out to them online and they were willing to come out and model for us! We instantly clicked and had so much in common, I love their energy (both together and separate). They are both so full of love and joy, and are really just at one with natural (I know that sounds cheesy, but I really don’t mean it as such) – Kelly even owns her own all natural skincare line

Working with them on their wedding was a combination of so many of our favorite things. They planned the day truly around their story (getting ready at a friend’s home, having the wedding somewhere that Kelly used to frequent as a kid, and us shooting the wedding party images in the skate park where they used to go to hang out with friends in high school); it was non-traditional in the best way; it was the most relaxed day ever, we had about 2-3 hours of pre-ceremony photo time; and we got to collaborate with them on so many different ideas and poses! Gordon is a cinematographer so when we got to the skate park, he brought some of his ideas and I had some of my own, and we just got to combine the two and play around and see what we came up with, which is really how I love to do things.

As a wedding photographer, it’s impossible to read your clients’ minds and know exactly how they’re envisioning something to go, so I love having the element of collaboration because we all have different perspectives and loves, and I think really beautiful things can come from that collaboration that can be better than you’re even expecting! 

All-in-all, this was the best day all around. I’d do it again and again. 

film: PhotoVision Prints
dress: Willowby Watters