Kelsey & David
Smith Rock Anniversary Session

On our trip to Oregon in the spring, we met up with Kelsee (of Ivy & Gold) & her hubs David for a little trade shoot! I met Kelsee online years and years ago, and then a few years back in Portland, we randomly ran in to one another at the Little Big Burger on Mississippi Ave! We sat a chatted a bit and have been social media friends ever since.

We reunited with them in this perfect place, on this perfect day and really got to know them and their love. It was warm and sunny, just the most beautiful day you could imagine. Besides how cool Kelsee & David are, my favorite part of these images is the color palette. I could live in those colors.

You can go see Kelsee’s photos of us over here (and read her funny story about how she first found us)! It was so interesting and awesome to look at both of our images of the same spot and seeing the creative eye at work! I was so nervous before our shoot that it would be uncomfortable or awkward switching rolls back and forth (even though it was so much fun with Jillian & James in Paris!) but it was so, so much fun and I LOVED seeing how different we interpreted the location! 

Film scans: PhotoVision Prints