We’re so excited about your lifestyle shoot!

Below you’ll find some helpful tips for choosing your outfits for your family or anniversary shoot with us.


If you’re still thinking about locations, we love doing at home shoots for lifestyle. They work beautifully for both family & anniversary! Some photos on your couch, in your kids’ rooms, playing in your backyard, snuggling in bed or sitting on the front porch.

If you’re not in to an at home vibe for this shoot, send us over some descriptive words that give us an idea of what you’re dreaming of! Whether it’s a field, or oaks, or a minimalist background, we’ll send over a handful of options that fit your vision (but that we know photograph beautifully) and choose from there!

The best inspiration always comes from the specific magic in this moment in your life. 🙂



Wear clothes that feel like you.

Avoid anything too trendy.
While we love seeing new trends come and go, we don’t want you to look back on this pivotal time in your life and say, “What was I thinking?!”

Simple clothing & earthy, natural color tones
Anything too bright and bold, like neon, could reflect back onto your faces and make your skin tones look unnatural. We also recommend choosing smaller patterns over large patterns that can be really distracting (with the exception of stripes which are pretty tricky all around). We especially love small floral patterns or textures like lace. We always like to use nature as our favorite inspiration; the color of your favorite flower, soft whites to contrast the greens that we’ll be shooting in, blue to bring out the color of your eyes. If you’re going to do a pattern, we think it looks great with your family in solids and maybe one other pattern to balance (if you’ve got more than 3 people). 

Coordinate, don’t match.
While it’s definitely cute when you leave the house for a date accidentally matching, in photos it can definitely come across as overly posed. However, we are suckers for an all white look for everyone. If you’re really in to matching, maybe try mixing it up with varying shades of the same color!


Focus on fit & how comfortable you feel in the clothing you choose.

Avoid clothing that doesn’t fit well, is uncomfortable, or too short or too low cut. The fit of the clothes you choose is so, so important and can really make or break the images. When you wear something that makes you feel self-conscious, you won’t feel comfortable enough to really be yourself. Always try on clothes before our shoot. Before being on camera I, Kelsey, will try on my clothing before and have Talon snap a picture on my phone so I can feel confident in the way it’s photographing. For family & lifestyle photos, we’re generally moving around a lot! If you’re constantly having to adjust wardrobe malfunctions it could cause missing those beautiful candid moments. 

Movement makes things much more visually captivating.
Consider at least one outfit that has some movement to it (ladies, this one’s for you!). 

Use the location as inspiration.
Consider your location & season/weather when choosing outfits. If we’re going to be in the middle of a field or if you’ll be chasing your very active toddler around, stilettos may not be the best choice. If we’re going to be shooting somewhere really windy consider choosing an outfit that will enhance that and flow in the wind to create some beautiful movement. If we’ll be in water, do you want to wear a long flowing dress that will trail in the water behind you or swimsuits to encapsulate a fun, summer day? Also, think of the colors of the season, and how your outfits can compliment the tones. 

If you need further help, we can happily source some options for you or make specific suggestions based on the location!


We typically don’t love bringing props along (like signs, letters, etc), but there are a couple that we think can add to the photos! Some ideas: a picnic set up or blanket can be great for having your kids sit or lay on, bikes/motorcycles, a floral bouquet (especially for anniversary photos – you can reuse your wedding florist!), your pup (if they are fine in public around other dogs), canoes (if we’re riverside), hats, your child’s favorite stuffed animal, etc. Really think about what life at this moment looks like for you and plan in a way that encapsulates that!


If they’re newborns or really young, a toy that always makes them smile is great to have in the bag for us to pull out if we need to get their attention. If it’s not the “cutest” toy, we can hold it behind camera for them to smile and reach for. But, also try choosing something you wouldn’t mind being in the photos! I think it’s adorable to photograph them with their favorite stuffed animal or wooden train, plus that’s definitely something you’ll want to remember 20 years from now.

Always stash some snacks, we’re not above bribing them with treats. We’ve found that white marshmallows are miracle workers (and don’t stain anything) 😉

Lastly, we think a lot of times kids can feel the pressure & anxiety during photos. So know that everything may not be perfect, and that’s 100% okay! We want your family shoot to feel as relaxed as possible, so we’re going to let your little one guide us all, and create a space where they feel free to be themselves without having to say “cheese!” to the camera a thousand times!


Is it supposed to rain during our shoot, or does it look like it’s going to be freezing? Dang!

Rest assured, we never charge for postponements related to weather. We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your time at your shoot, and not be soaking wet or freezing!

We will reach out 2-3 days before your shoot if it looks like there’s a chance of rain over 40% for a part of our shoot. If the chance of rain is between 40-60%, it’s up to you if we reschedule or risk getting rained on during the shoot. If it’s over 60%, we usually reschedule because it’s much more likely to actually rain! If it’s less than 40%, typically that means we’re okay. We’ll need to make the call no less than 6 hours in advance of your shoot starting time. (All this also applies if you were dreaming of a sunny day and it’s supposed to be cloudy – we want to make your dreams come true here)! Keep in mind that if you reschedule, we may not have a date available in the same month, season or day of the week.

If we do need to postpone, we will send you a link to our calendar where you can choose another day! Unless there’s a season change (like daylight savings) in between the dates, or a need to change from sunset to sunrise (and vice versa), we will likely keep the same time & location. If you decide to keep the date regardless of the rain chance, that’s cool too! We can shoot in the rain if you’re down! Be sure to bring a towel just in case you need it.