MaryBeth & Luke
Adventurous Colorado Engagements

These are definitely in my top 5 favorite engagements we’ve ever photographed. So, Mary Beth & Luke live in Boulder so we ended up getting to do their engagements the day before their wedding! It’s a little non-traditional and not something we do a lot, but OMG it was absolutely amazing. They were so giddy and excited and we all couldn’t stop talking about the excitement of them showing their family & friends the place they call home, and they were so willing to . Talon and I had suggested this location, and it ended up being where they had their first date AND where they were having their rehearsal dinner – so it was kismet! The Chautaqua park is crazy packed every single time we’ve ever been, but we got so lucky this day! Everywhere we went, it was just the four of us.

Film processing: PhotoVision Prints