Meghan & Brent | Bohemian Austin engagements

I’m having trouble coming up with the right words to describe the feeling of photographing your best friend’s engagements. How incredible, nerve-wracking (especially when she’s NEVER let you take pictures of her before), heart-warming, special, inspiring, I could go on and on. Meghan & Brent have a unique love, full of goofy jokes and silly laughs but also a serene confidence in their connection; they support each other, they cheer each other on and they genuinely work at making the other feel as wonderful and loved as possible. I have never seen Meghan this happy. The way their eyes light up when she looks at Brent, the way he holds her close and holds her hand, how hard they laugh when they’re together, everything about them together is just perfect. They made my job so easy. This day was all giggles, dad jokes, me hanging out of the sunroof of our car or sitting in the trunk with the hood open to get these two on his motorcycle (I’ve also never met two people more collectively in love with motorcycles), us all freezing our butts off, and full of lots of love.

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