Natural Austin lifestyle shoots
Austin, TX

At the end of October, we did our first mini shoot day in about 5 years! I was expecting a really long, stressful day jumping to 10 different shoots all day. But, actually, it was such a beautiful day full of so much love and joy! We met so many wonderful people, and got to see so many of our past couples. I’m obsessed with the images, I know there’s a ton, but stick with it because the lighting ranges from sunrise all the way to sunset (with high noon right in the middle of course)! You might just see some faces you recognize from our instagram feed. 🙂

Charity, Daniel & Ryder

Hannah, Daniel & Emma

Lauren & Brett

Mae & Alli

Rainwaters Family


Kelly & Ryan

Chandler Family

Strate Family

King family

Brannon family

Ivey family