Sarah & Shamus | Winter New Orleans Wedding

There are so many wonderful things to say about Sarah & Shamus and their wedding that I’m not even sure quite where to start! This was one of our absolute most favorite weddings to photograph. We started the day in the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel, which was decked out in the most beautiful Christmas decorations (you’ll see at the end of the post) and it was mesmerizing. After getting Sarah dressed, we headed over to City Park where Sarah had rented the Peristyle for all of our photos (bride/groom, wedding party AND family) to be taken in at sunset. We were on cloud 9. As of lately, it’s been rare for us to have a Bride who puts such a priority on setting aside time for photos that she rented a separate space knowing that the Church wouldn’t allow us inside for any pre-ceremony photos and that there would be no light left after the ceremony. These are the couples we love to photograph, it’s hard to make magic with no light and no time but, just looking at these photos – we made magic. If this doesn’t convince you to set aside time for portraits, I really don’t know what will (especially for winter weddings)! After the glorious golden hour photos, they wed in one of the oldest churches in New Orleans. Sarah really wanted her guests to be able to venture outside of the French Quarter, so she chose an intricately detailed church in the center of NOLA. Next, we headed to the Board of Trade for a mesmerizing candle-lit cocktail hour outside in the courtyard (y’all, amazing) then a candle-lit reception where everyone danced for hours. But, my favorite part of the whole day, was when a jazz band came in to the Board of Trade and led the entire reception (EVERYONE) outside for a second line… down CANAL ST. They literally shut down Canal St for the wedding to run through singing loudly and dancing joyously. The energy was contagious. I can’t even describe how invigorating it was to photograph, there really are no words. It was one of the most amazing things we’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. NOLA, you’re pretty awesome in my opinion.

Bride’s Dress: Watters

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7I4A9157 7I4A9168 5A8A1767 7I4A9906 5A8A1839 7I4A0114 5A8A1854 7I4A0007 7I4A9687 7I4A9630 7I4A9844 7I4A9617 5A8A2177 7I4A9594 008A0566 5A8A2350 008A0551 7I4A0225 7I4A9921 5A8A2267 7I4A9718 7I4A0177 7I4A9669 008A0807 008A0972 008A1053-2 7I4A0766 5A8A2852 7I4A1072 7I4A1132 008A1182-2 7I4A1149-2 5A8A3103 7I4A1218 5A8A3077 7I4A0836 7I4A0884 008A1545 5A8A3355 5A8A3544 5A8A3628 008A2145-2 7I4A1659-2 008A2063 7I4A1495-2

And here a couple frames from our day after session with them at Faulkner House Books in the French Quarter. The colors! The textures!

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