Shelby & Spenser | Oregon Waterfall Engagements

      These guys. Where to even start about how incredible this day was? Talon and I had a plan for this engagement session to drive to this secret waterfall in central Oregon, so we left about four hours before our shoot, in our dinky little rental car, to have plenty of time to find the trailhead, hike down and scout some spots. So, we get to the turn and halfway down realize there is absolutely no way our car is making it down the road. We freak out a little bit, I call Shelby & Spenser (who are driving from SEATTLE) and tell them, to which they reply “We have a Subaru, it can handle anything! Let’s do it!” Which, in fact, is totally true; Subarus can handle anything. How do I know? 1. Because we own one and 2. because we did, indeed, make it down the muddy, boulder-filled road. Following our celebratory cheers after making it down the road, we start hiking and come to a really intimidating part of the trail (where we are literally climbing down rocks) only to get to a washed our portion of the path there was no way we could make it down. So, we retrace our steps looking for a different way down and easily find where we were supposed to turn on the incredibly easy path, ha! This hike was one of the most fun hikes we have ever done. It was super muddy from all the spring rain and the owners of the property had installed a plethora of ropes for you to hold on to while you’re walking/mostly sliding down the hills. We crawled over and under fallen trees, over boulders along the rivers edge and turned the corner to spot the most magnificent, magical waterfall I have ever seen. It’s like we were encircled in this beautiful little canyon. It was just the four of us for a little over an hour and we laughed and marveled at the beauty that was surrounding us.

      This shoot could not have happened with anyone else, I’m convinced. Shelby & Spenser were so up for anything and they made everything fun.

      Film processing: PhotoVision Prints

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