Taylor & Chris
Rocky Mountain engagements

When we met Taylor & Chris, they prefaced the shoot by saying that they were “terrible in front of the camera” and I told them then, and I stand by it now, just no. way. Everyone thinks that feeling awkward in front of the camera makes them odd, but I actually feel like almost everyone feels awkward in front of the camera – especially at the beginning! And that’s why it’s so important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with and that fits your vibe, because that’s when the magic happens! I’m so obsessed with these engagements, and we got the sweetest email from Chris after they got their photos back, I just have to share:

“So, I’ll start off saying that I absolutely dread photos, and always have. Being the center of attention, posing, even smiling for a photo…I hate all of it. From the moment we met y’all, to walking around in the mountains though…you didn’t put it on a pedestal, and captured us in the moments that truly reflect who we are as people and as a pair. This proves to me that photography is as intricate as music. You found those frames that actually were us. Not some fake smile, where we’re superficially posing. Loved all of it, and have never seen Taylor and I from this perspective. Don’t know how to explain it other than…We’ve never seen our relationship in this light, and it was very deep to see it like this.
Again, I can’t describe how surprising, amazing, and emotional it is to see how these turned out. I’m 30, and have never seen myself look good in a picture until now ha! Alway knew how beautiful Taylor was, but we will be reflecting on these photos until the day we die.”

Film processing: PhotoVision Prints