Tori & Joe | Modern South Congress Hotel wedding

May the 4th. Two Star Wars super fans. Plant lovers. And just all around bad ass people, and the best day.

We walked in to Tori & Joe (in separate rooms at South Congress Hotel) both watching Star Wars which felt like a fittingly awesome start. Before their first look, I stopped Tori at the corner where she could just see Joe, and she started tearing up and had the biggest, purest smile on her face. I love how happy they make each other, they are always laughing. After their first look, I showed Tori an image and she instantly started crying and said, “oh my god! How is that real?” because it was the first time she’d really seen herself as a bride, and could see how freaking beautiful she looked. And, damnit, that’s how I want to make every one of our brides feel. Their ceremony was beautiful and teary and, my favorite, had a lemon tree planting ceremony (Tori & Joe are fellow plant lovers) with soil from each of their home states. This was just such a fitting detail for who they are, and I love that.

After dinner, we pulled them out for some sunset photos in the street and Tori’s earring fell off. So, between the walk & stop 15 second increments, we’re running up and down the street trying to find this earring (it was borrowed from Joe’s mom). This lovely group walked by and a girl said, “what’re you looking for?” when we replied an earring, not 5 seconds passed and she was like “here it is!”. And that’s why I love Austin.

After some street portraits, we went up to the hotel pool to do the shot I had been envisioning since Tori & Joe booked us a year and a half earlier. It turned out better than I even imagined. Tori & Joe were just as excited as I was, which always feels so. dang. good. We want those couples who are just as excited about taking photos together as they are about seeing their friends and family because, truthfully, we feel that both of those times of day are equally as important. We try to make our bride & groom time intentional moments that you can enjoy each other’s presence and focus on what truly brought you to this day.

When we started losing light, I knew I wanted to do something with the ceremony set up & stairs (it’s rare to get photos of the bride & groom sitting). When we got down there, I had an inspiration blast and took Remi & Gold‘s gorgeous cluster of potted plants and encircled them and adjusted all the ceremony candles – I wanted them to be enveloped in plants & candlelight, like their ceremony alter was giving them a little hug. We have never done late night pictures like that before and I’m freaking obsessed. Their matching converse were something they told us about at our consultation meeting and I love that we were able to get some bad ass pictures of them wearing them. After that, they went back in and we danced the night away (complete with a fog machine and wedding crashers, which you know means you’ve made it).

Bouquet: Remi + Gold (we love them! you can see another wedding we did with them here!)
Film scans: PhotoVision Prints
Venue: South Congress Hotel
Bridal gown: Sarah Seven