Vy & Hoang
Hawaiian Honeymoon shoot

Every time we travel for weddings, not only do we get to capture the beautiful wedding and couple that we are there for, but somehow it always works out that someone we’ve known in the past or even just online happens to be traveling in the same area and our paths cross to photograph them. Each time it feels a little like fate. About 5 years ago, we photographed Vy’s sister’s wedding in Dallas (when we were pretty new to wedding photography) and I was posting about our trip to Hawaii being in one week when a message from Vy popped up asking if we were available to photograph them on their honeymoon!

I’ve always said that if I could choose a dream area of photography, it would just be following people around on their trips and photographing them in a new place while also savoring every last drop of that new place with them. This was exactly that! We found these incredible tide pools and laughed as we got splashed by a blowhole called “dragon’s breath” and then raced to beat the sunset at these beautiful dune like cliffs. Hawaii just feels like a big long sunset to me.  It was an incredible day.

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