We are traveling intimate wedding photographers inspired by the wonder & beauty of the natural world and a collaborative experience with the creative couple.


          For the wild romantics, the non-traditional dreamer. The couple who wants to plan their wedding together to craft an experience full of intention and celebration, with their love story woven in through thoughtful and unique details.


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          MIKENZIE & TIM

          The sweetest, most adventurous souls you could ever wish to spend your special day with. People don't realize how much intimate time you spend with your photographers, and we were so happy Kelsey and Talon are the ones we chose! We renewed our vows in Portugal, and Feather and Twine were the best investment. They are experienced travelers, destination photographers, and overall incredible. As a wedding photographer myself, I was constantly impressed and so happy with their services.

          TORI & JOE

          It was so hard for me to sit down and start writing this review because once I really started thinking about the gift that Kelsey and Talon has given us, I get emotional. We were married on May 4th 2019, and we got our photos back in early July.

          I originally found Feather&Twine on Instagram shortly after we got engaged. Before reading reviews or visiting their site, I knew I loved them from the quality of their work, attention to detail and the gorgeous LIGHT in all of their photos..they instantly made me want them for our wedding.

          We met with them for coffee for our first meeting and ended up chatting well past dinnertime. Minutes turned to hours and it was so wonderful and easy to talk to them. Kelsey and Talon are like, relationship goals. They have such a wonderful partnership and their energies vibe and click so perfectly together.

          We initially told them during the next couple of meetings that my husband and I are “photo-challenged” and how unphotogenic we are. Flash forward to our wedding day, I’ve never felt more at ease with a camera in my face. They are patient, kind, warm and so silly. They made Joe and I feel so comfortable and natural and normal and those emotions show through our wedding photos. And that’s where I get emotional even now because they have given us the gift of time. To feel so confident in our wedding photos, it just proves how wonderful Kelsey and Talon are at what they do. They are true creators and they have given us a gift we will Cherish forever.

          All my photography needs moving forward will be through Kelsey and Talon. Any excuse just to work with them!

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          VIVEK & BETHANY

          Let's start with the people - Kelsey and Talon. I can say with certainty that they were the most perfect people we could have asked to capture our wedding. From the moment we began chatting with them over email, we could tell just how thoughtful they were and what an amazing match we had found. They were friendly, professional, and most of all, they just felt like our friends. They felt like our partners from the beginning of the planning stages all the way to when they delivered the final product - always checking in along the way, offering advice, and making sure we were absolutely comfortable. I can't imagine a friendlier and more accommodating experience.

          ELEANOR & JAMES

          I contacted Feather and Twine at the recommendation of a wedding-planner friend of mine. I was feeling a little insecure about my "micro-wedding" that I was planning myself, but when I met with Kelsey and Talon they put me at ease. They had such clever suggestions and were so excited about the vision that I had that I left feeling much more confident. But I was still a little nervous about being the center of attention, as was my husband. Luckily, Kelsey convinced me to take advantage of the engagement shoot part of our package. We met Kelsey and Talon at one of our favorite bars in Austin where we spent a few hours basically laughing the entire time! Of course they were taking pictures, but it felt more like hanging out with friends and I think that set us up for being so much more relaxed on the day of our wedding. In fact, I remember leaving the shoot thinking, "I don't even care how the pictures come out. That was a blast!" But of course they came out great, as did the ones from our wedding. I could say something trite like "they captured such special moments" or "the way they use light is incredible", but I think the thing is that I was just really glad to have Kelsey and Talon be a part of our wedding. I trusted them both and I knew they would bring talent and creativity to our wedding, but we also had so much FUN with them! And I think those are the things that you look for in a partner, whether it be the person you spend the rest of your life with or your wedding photographers.

          EMILY & JOE

          Kelsey and Talon are incredible! They were SO easy to work with and made us feel so comfortable on the day of. Their photos are absolutely gorgeous works of art that I can't wait to display and (one day) share with our children. I'm currently unable to pick my favorites to print out or put into a photo album because they're ALL so beautiful! They also offered tidbits of advice on how to feel present on our wedding day and put pieces of ourselves into so many of the details. I absolutely loved having them be a part of our day!

          HETTA & JOEL

          Wow. I cannot express how grateful Joel and I are for you two. The wedding photos are beyond what we could've ever dreamed. They are stunning, they feel like our wedding day and are so us. You guys have a true gift! Thank you for traveling to LA, taking the time to find locations (slipping down the giant hill lol) and hauling around all your cameras in the rain and having a positive, even-keeled attitude. You made our wedding day even more amazing! And we're so happy to have made two new friends. Thank you a million times!

          TAYLOR & CHRIS

          So, I'll start off saying that I absolutely dread photos, and always have. Being the center of attention, posing, even smiling for a photo...I hate all of it. From the moment we met y'all, to walking around in the mountains though...you didn't put it on a pedestal, and captured us in the moments that truly reflect who we are as people and as a pair. This proves to me that photography is as intricate as music. You found those frames that actually were us. Not some fake smile, where we're superficially posing. I loved all of it, and have never seen Taylor and I from this perspective. Don't know how to explain it other than...We've never seen our relationship in this light, and it was very deep to see it like this.

          Again, I can't describe how surprising, amazing, and emotional it is to see how these turned out. I'm 30, and have never seen myself look good in a picture until now, ha! We will be reflecting on these photos until the day we die.


          There are still no words to explain how much we appreciate you guys and your work. Looking through the pictures made us smile, laugh, and tear up. From my parents' smiles to the ridiculous dance moves, to the look on my husband's face when he saw me in my dress for the first time and so much more, you got it all. I've been thinking about something since the wedding: as you know, I'm an Ob/Gyn, so every day at work, I have the privilege of being a large part of one of the biggest and most important days of my patient's and their family's lives- the birth of their baby. It is super meaningful work, often stressful, sometimes scary, but there are so many moments of the purest joy. I have to admit, though, it is exhausting and sometimes I worry that I will become numb to it. In the work that you do, you guys are in a very similar position, where you are SO crucial to the wedding day and play an enormous part of cultivating the wedding experience. You and Talon were so wonderful at guiding us through the day, confidently leading us from one moment to the next, documenting carefully and letting us savor each second. Best of all, you shared in our excitement as though it was purely just for fun and not work at all. Your enthusiasm, calmness, attention to detail, and genuine investment in making sure we had the best wedding day ever inspired me in my own work. It reinvigorated me to be even more present each day, with each family- to be the best doctor I can be with each of my patients. Don't, for one second, think that this is a farfetched analogy- your work is so, so important, and I am so thankful for it!

          IVY & ANDRES

          Choosing Kelsey & Talon to photograph our wedding was one of the easiest, and possibly the best decision we made!! They were the first photographers I met with in person, and chatting over coffee I pretty much instantly knew they were the perfect fit :) Not only are their photographs absolutely STUNNING (there's no word that even does their work justice), but Kelsey and Talon just have this warm, enthusiastic yet calm energy about them that puts you right at ease, making for such natural photos! How unique to have a married couple photography team, and I also love that they shoot in both film and digital. We did an engagement session and wedding day coverage. We just got our wedding gallery back, and I literally can't stop staring at them all. Hundreds of photos and each one is simply perfection. There's not a single photo I'm not in love with! I am blown away at how they captured each and every moment of our wedding, even sweet little candid moments between our other guests! Feather & Twine -- you are simply amazing, keep being you! Thank you for the most wonderful photos of the best day ever. You captured it all beautifully, and we will cherish them forever.

          EMILY & DAVID

          I seriously can't rave enough about Feather & Twine!!! From the beginning, their communication with us has been incredible. My fiancé and I are very camera shy, but Kelsey and Talon made us feel so comfortable and relaxed during our engagement session. They completely understood our vision and took time to scout the locations we wanted. They love what they do and work so hard to provide the best quality of work possible and it shows! Our engagement photos are beautiful, so unique, and very natural! They shot a mix of film and digital and captured so many sweet, candid moments. They really stood out from other photographers with their style and personalities, plus they provided a unique wedding planning PDF and also gave us style and lighting suggestions for our wedding. On top of their incredible quality of work, unique vision, and amazing customer service, Kelsey and Talon are kind, creative and funny people which makes working with them so easy and fun! They truly have your best interest at heart and do everything in their power to make sure your love photographs (which you will!) We feel SO lucky and we're excited to have Feather & Twine shoot our wedding day!!! If you're still looking for a photographer to capture your special day, seriously look no further and book Feather & Twine. Best photographers in Austin, TX!!!

          MARY & TYLER

          From the moment we met Kelsey and Talon, it felt like they were old friends. They are so personable and genuine, and they made the whole experience a lot of fun. We originally asked them to capture our engagement photos, and when we saw the results, we did not hesitate for a second in asking if they could do our wedding as well. We were so thankful they agreed to travel all the way to Big Sur, CA to capture our wedding. From the second they arrived, they worked tirelessly for two days to capture hundreds of amazing photos, all the while with the utmost professionalism and big smiles on their faces. We will never be able to thank them enough for the end result. The photos they captured were absolutely AMAZING, and they allow to re-live our special day over and over again as if we were back in California. Kelsey and Talon are quite simply the best, and we cannot recommend them enough.

          SHANNON & REID

          Kelsey and Talon are AMAZING human beings that made our engagement photos (a year ago) and our wedding day (April 2017) so enjoyable and fun! They are not only great photographers, but truly great people who walked up calmly through all parts of our wedding day.

          Something I never realized is how huge a role the photographer plays into the actual day and the flow of your wedding. With Feather & Twine, I always felt like I was hanging out with old friends and having a great time. For anyone looking for a photographer, this is huge! You don’t want someone bossing you around or making things chaotic. Kelsey and Talon even make my husband feel comfortable taking pictures, which is a feat in itself!

          On top of EVERYTHING, their photography style is absolutely stunning and exactly what I wanted captured on our wedding day. Thank you Kelsey and Talon! You guys are the bees knees!!!!

          AMANDA & JORDAN

          My husband and I fell in love with Kelsey and Talon upon our first meeting. They are two of the most kind, genuine people you'll meet, and we immediately knew we wanted them to capture our day. The photographers were one of the most critical vendors to us, and we took the selection process seriously! From the start, we were blown away by Feather and Twine's personal touch in everything they do. During such a special time in your life, it is incredible to work with vendors that truly care about your wedding and getting to know you. We took our engagement pictures at Big Bend, and it was a weekend full of laughs, adventure, and pictures we will cherish forever. Kelsey and Talon are professionals in every way, and they do amazing work, yet they treat you like friends. You end up spending a lot of time with photographers during your engagements and wedding day, so it's a big plus to work with a couple that you enjoy! They are always warm and kind, and bring a sense of calm amidst the busyness of your wedding day! It's always evident that Kelsey and Talon are extremely knowledgeable about their profession, and take such care to capture the best shots (which they do!) It's impossible to keep track of all the times people have gushed over how much they love our engagement and wedding pictures, which is all thanks to their incredible talent. There aren't enough words to thank Kelsey and Talon for their fantastic work that will be adored for a lifetime. We can't recommend Feather and Twine highly enough to couples! They will undoubtedly exceed your expectations in every way.

          AIMEE & ALAN

          Couldn't recommend Feather & Twine more! From our first meeting, I knew they were who I wanted on our big day. Not only are their pictures complete show stoppers, Kelsey and Talon were professional, but also so much fun to be around and provided so much clarity and calmness during all the chaos. It felt like having two of our best friends right along side us and I can't imagine having anyone else with us for the wedding weekend!

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          DANA & DANIEL

          Kelsey and Talon really took the time to build a relationship with us! This allowed us to be ourselves in front of the camera as Feather and Twine captured our truest moments as a couple. They are so talented but beyond that, they genuinely care about you. Kelsey and Talon also have wonderful insight to help you plan your special day. Our wedding day was pretty fast moving and Kelsey was by my side the entire time, reassuring me and making me feel at ease. We will cherish these images and relive this day forever through their lens!

          ALYSSA & HUYNH

          Kelsey & Talon are the cutest couple! They are fantastic. They really get to know you on a personal level and strive for the best, authentic pictures. They made me and my now husband feel so at ease.

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          CAROLINE & BARRY

          I feel extremely lucky because we never even considered working with another photographer.After a skype meeting, Barry and I knew we loved not only the photography, but the photographers as well. Working with Kelsey and Talon was absolute heaven and I am grateful to now call them friends as well as the best photographers we could have chosen. This is who you want at your wedding. The guests all loved them, our family and friends have been gobsmacked by how good the images are. In the words of my sister-in-law, "I'm gonna order SO MANY prints. I didn't even order prints from my own wedding!" Enough said. I wish we could get married again in a few years just to have more photographs as beautiful as these. Pick Feather & Twine. I'm betting in a few years you'll be lucky if you can get on their schedule.

          MARYBETH & LUKE

          These are the best wedding photos I have ever seen. OH MY GOODNESS! You caught the pure magic of the day, thank you so so so much!

          MADDIE & JOSH

          Cannot recommend Kelsey & Talon highly enough! We absolutely loved having them as our photographers and are so thrilled with our pictures and our whole experience with them! With Feather & Twine you get so much more than just pictures. They sent us over a wedding playlist, a wonderful wedding planning guide and more. The engagement session was a great way for us to get to know Kelsey & Talon before the big day. It put our nerves at ease and we could see how relaxed and professional they were. They were able to get to know us as a couple and learn our style/what works for us. They are a great team!
          It’s amazing to see how much work they did and all the details they captured throughout the day. While we were there enjoying ourselves, they were capturing every moment and detail. Words can’t express how much we love our wedding pictures. We absolutely love Kelsey & Talon - they are one awesome couple & team! [The Knot]

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          MARIA & ZACK

          I first found Feather & Twine years ago, simply from seeing a beautiful featured picture of theirs and then following their blog and Instagram. When I got engaged in 2016, I knew it would be a longshot since they were based in Texas and my husband and I got married in CT, but I just had to contact them. I was so drawn to their images, their ability to edit digital right alongside their film pictures, and their friendly personalities. I was completely thrilled to find out they were in our budget and even their travel fee was reasonable. I'm sure some people thought we were a little crazy literally flying in my dream photographers for our wedding but it was SO worth it. They were able to do our engagement photos as well since they had a wedding in New York last fall and were able to just drive down to us. Once we got our engagement photos back, everyone who gave me a weird look about flying in a wedding vendor RAVED to me and said they totally understood why. Kelsey and Talon's work is not something you find every day, and it is BEYOND worth it- the money, the travel, anything. Worth it! Our engagement pictures came out STUNNING, I used them in our guest book and christmas cards and save the dates and will treasure them forever! On our wedding day, Kelsey and Talon were AMAZING. Kelsey even carried tissues for me all day because I kept happy crying and needed them! She helped keep me focused even when everyone was pulling me into a million directions the morning of, and kept me on track with our timeline. They were the perfect calm and happy energy you want with you on your big day. I am so grateful that we were able to have them at our wedding and I know I will love our wedding pictures just as much as our engagement pictures because their work is pure magic. Do not hesitate a second with hiring these two!

          DAYNA & ERIC

          Kelsey & Talon are truly two of the most talented, funniest, and kindest souls you'll ever meet. From ensuring my bustle was cooperating, to jumping in the photo booth with us, to reassuring us when some unexpected rain passed through before the ceremony, we are so thankful and honored they were with us every step of the way on the big day! From the moment we met for our engagement photos, it felt like we were hanging out with long lost friends. They effortlessly make those around them feel special and at ease. Our wedding guests raved about how awesome they were. Our photos are incredible, the colors are gorgeous and our emotions are captured perfectly. I'm so thankful we chose F&T! Their commitment to their work and their clients is unmatched, and they serve as such a wonderful example of what being best friends in a marriage look like.

          HANNAH & DANIEL

          Kelsey and Talon are both incredibly talented and their love for what they do and their clients shows through their pictures. They took time to get to know me and my now husband and whenever we were out shooting pictures, made us laugh and always feel very comfortable in front of the camera. Kelsey was like a friend throughout the entire wedding planning process and even on my wedding day when I thought I may just have to move my beautifully planned outdoor wedding inside due to rain. Instead, she encouraged me to do what I wanted to do and it turned out to be a great decision, because the rain stopped and we got amazing pictures outside. They are both professional while also being able to get things done amongst the busyness of a wedding day which I also really appreciated. I can't recommend them enough!

          SYDNEY & CASEY

          Getting to know the talented, thoughtful, professional, & humble team that Kelsey & Talon make at Feather & Twine was a true highlight of our wedding planning process. My husband & I feel so grateful and lucky to have found them and would highly recommend them. They are the kinds of people who make you feel like they can handle anything that is thrown their way and work like seasoned pros even when things don’t go as planned. Kelsey & Talon made us feel entirely comfortable, and kept us laughing and smiling throughout our engagement and wedding photos. We absolutely loved spending time with them. I had so many of our friends and family members tell me how kind and “on it” our photographers were, they didn’t miss a beat during all of the action and kept everyone organized for all of our formal group photos. Above all, every single one of our photos was edited perfectly and artfully captured. These two are so in sync, such a great team, masters at their craft, and are obviously artists that are in love with what they do.

          TAYLOR & GRANT

          Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had Kelsey and Talon capture our engagement and wedding photos! I could praise their talent endlessly - we were overwhelmed with how beautiful and intimate our photos were! Every moment of our day was captured down to the smallest detail. They have given us a gift that cannot ever be repaid and we feel so lucky. We feel we have gained forever friends in Kelsey and Talon and are so so thankful for their dedication to their craft and their clients.

          KARI & CRAIN

          Kelsey & Talon were the only "guests" at our elopement at The Greenhouse Driftwood and were an absolute blast to work with. The day itself was so relaxed -- I felt like I was talking to a long-time friend which really put us at ease and made for GORGEOUS photos. Their creative eye alone is sheer talent, but couple that with how well they team up to put a couple at ease -- top notch. I truly had fun working with them and we couldn't be happier with our photos!

          RICKI & LAYTON

          Kelsey and Talon with Feather & Twine completely blew me away with their incredible talent, creativity, and fun personalities. Our wedding planning season wouldn't have been the same without them. From our engagements to our wedding day, Kelsey and Talon gave us the best service. I have to give a huge shout out to both of them for going out of their hired role, not only were they our photographers, they acted as; hair primper, dress fluffer, snake watcher, and stick thrower. The day of our wedding Kelsey came in and took charge to keep the flow of the day smooth. And most importantly she sprinted to fetch the rings when we forgot them during the ceremony. WE FORGOT THE RINGS! Kelsey & Talon are honestly the best of the best. Their work speaks for itself. Thank you K&T for bringing us so much joy during our wedding season. We love you guys!

          HEATHER & BILL

          When we began planning our wedding, the most important vendor was the photographer. I spent months doing reconnaissance, but kept going back to the photographic style of Kelsey and Talon at Feather and Twine. Their light, airy, ethereal style hummed with beauty, emotion, and tenderness. We needed someone to capture the moments of happy chaos as we joined two families together (with four children ranging in ages from 12 to 20) as our bridal party. Kelsey and Talon did that and so much more. It's not just the final photographic style that matters, but the photographers' demeanor as well. They were calm, relaxed, and gave direction to our happy chaos. Their sense of humor put everyone at ease. Our boys were in awe of Talon's quiet, confident knowledge of all things wedding and Star Wars, and our girls developed a girl-crush on Kelsey's youthful, professional, and artistic cool-factor. We can't recommend Feather and Twine enough for bringing all of their professional and personal qualities to our day of happy chaos.

          LINDSEY & MATT

          We are so thankful for Kelsey & Talon. They made us feel like we were the most beautiful people! I was so nervous about choosing a photographer and I'm am absolutely sure I made the right choice! They were super chill and fun, but also firm in guaranteeing us the pictures we wanted, not letting the chaos that is a wedding day get in the way of capturing our time of joy. We honestly felt like two of our friends were walking around taking photos instead of hired professionals (which they totally are). They are so talented and we love them!

          LEIGH & GARRETT

          WOW. My experience with Kelsey and Talon was an absolute dream. They both have a genuine, kind spirit that everyone gravitates to and has a connection with (I mean, we hugged as soon as we met each other. Totally meant to be). Kelsey and Talon's creativity and talent are incredible; their professionalism and trusting nature made me feel like a fiancé, bride and wife during each step of the process. They have the ability to capture the smallest, most intimate moments—my sweet grandmother’s pure joy on the dance floor, my mother’s quiet grace and my husband’s subtle tears (and my not so subtle ones) were documented that day, and I am so grateful to have these memories forever.

          TARA & TIGER

          I just can't say enough good things about Kelsey & Talon and Feather & Twine. They did our engagement photo shoot and our wedding. Our engagement shoot was a non-traditional and they were absolutely THE perfect people for the job. Our engagement photos were exactly what we wanted! For the wedding, they did not disappoint. Our photos are so beautiful and Kelsey and Talon captured our day so beautifully! There is an ethereal quality to their photos that really captures the emotion of the people they are photographing. Oh, and did I mention they are the cutest couple ever? It takes someone truly in love to capture the love of others. It was a pleasure to work with both of them and would encourage anyone looking for a photographer to stop searching now and call Feather & Twine.

          CHRISTIE & BRYCE

          EXTRAORDINARY! Kelsey & Talon were by far our favorite vendor throughout my entire wedding experience! When we first met I felt like I found my long lost best friends. They were so friendly and asked questions that made me feel like they genuinely cared for my whole wedding, not just the photography! Bryce and I aren’t big picture people, and almost cringe over PDA, but they made us feel so comfortable! When we took our engagement photos it was like we were on a double date and the photos turned out so candid and intimate! Kelsey & Talon were a crucial part to making our wedding day angelic, pre-ceremony, ceremony and all the way through reception. During the ceremony, it was like they weren't even there (in a good way)! All of Bryce & I’s focus was on each other, yet they captured the emotions of not just us, but our friends and family as well, which was beautiful to go back and experience. When it came time for family & wedding party photos they were kind, yet authoritative enough to move the process along seamlessly, and everyone commented on how much they loved Kelsey & Talon! During the reception, every time we looked up or turned around they were there! We could go on and on, but just PHENOMENAL!!! Bryce and I could not have been happier with their service; we highly recommend them!!

          KATE & GEOFF

          I've been obsessing over the pictures since we got them. They're so beautiful! Ya'll got such good shots of everyone, and it feels like you froze time for us. You dropped us back into the day and are letting us look at it from every angle, instead of just the ones we remembered to pay attention to while it was happening. Basically, I want to make a gallery wall of all the black and white shots you got of everyone I love, being gorgeous and happy. Is that creepy?

          ALLY & ZAC

          We knew from the second we found Feather and Twine on Facebook that they were simply the only ones we wanted to capture our special day, and they went above and beyond with our NC wedding! Not only are they brilliant photographers, but they are also incredibly personable and loving folks. From the second they arrived, we knew we had made the right decision. They have a calming affect to everyone around them, and their ability to capture details is superb. Even when our wedding planners failed to do their jobs, Kelsey calmingly stepped in, helping keep things in order all while taking some of the most beautiful pictures we had ever seen. All we can say is thanks, Feather and Twine Photography, for yet another job well done.

          NATALIE & MARCUS

          I cannot say enough about how amazing Feather and Twine Photography is! They are the kindest people and so incredibly talented. They made my husband and I feel so comfortable during our engagement photos and on our wedding day! They captured every emotion and memory and are just simply the best!!

          DIANA & DAMIAN

          Kelsey and Talon are seriously the best. They not only took the most amazing pictures I have ever seen, but they are two extraordinary people (not to mention the sweetest). Not only did I feel like they were my wedding photographers, but that they were my friends. Would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

          KSENIYA & ADAM

          Thank you both so, SO much for so beautifully capturing this precious day!!! Words cannot even begin to express how much we love these photos. Our hearts are overwhelmingly full looking through these images and I look forward to that feeling only continuing to grow over the years to come. These will mean so much to us all our lives! Thank you thank you thank you! Your work is truly stunning--as are the two of you--and working with you was a pure joy.


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